Chromium 6+ Tainted Hinkley Residents vs. Municipal Water Companies

Source:, September 19, 2011
Chromium 6 is used in dyes, pigments, leather tanning, wood preserving, and chrome plating.
Chromium 6 is a by-product of metal plating and is classified as a carcinogen when inhaled as particles or fumes. When chromium 6 gets into water, the effects are equally as damaging.
Out of 1,591 National Priority List sites identified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EGA), 1,036 were found to have chromium 6 in them.
PG&E did contaminate the town of Hinkley with approx. 350 million gallons Chromium 6+ tainted ground waters and never abated it, nor will ever clean it up. It is virtually impossible to abate the constantly migrating Cr6+ plume in both aquifer, upper and lower and therefore the town of Hinkley is history, forever. {Total calamities sustained are estimated at over $ 1.7 billion.]
Scientists as well as many health officials argue that no level of chromium 6 is safe for the human body.
Water officials, however, argue that there is no scientific proof that any of these allegations are true.
These “officials” say that there is not enough proof to verify that chromium 6 truly causes health problems, but a judge in Hinkley, CA readily disagreed.
This disagreement cost PG&E hundreds of millions of dollars, and cost a town pain, anguish, and devastating disease.
On the other hand, the People from the town of Hinkley said ” Prove that the Chromium 6+ will never cause health problems, whatsoever.”
I am willing to stand behind hundreds of sick individuals much faster than I am willing to stand behind a state official that is required to make budget concessions as well as health decisions.
The health implications of chromium 6 run far and wide, and exposure, even in small amounts, can be deadly.
Major corporations know the cost of cleanup, and even more importantly, they know the cost of lawsuit.
What people don’t know won’t hurt them, but what they do know already has.
Health problems listed among those who have suffered from chromium 6 exposure include liver cancer, kidney failure, respiratory distress, circulatory problems, gastrointestinal ailments, reproductive problems, and other cancers of the brain and bodily organs.
Also cited as “lesser side- effects” were nosebleeds, headaches, benign tumors, hair loss, and many more.
I have said it before and I will say it again; thereafter June 2011 emergency surgery in Kaiser Hospital (tons of chromium 6+plated) gallbladder stones removed, also while working on our farm with constant diarrhea and with a bleeding nose while nursing a headache is not exactly my idea of “lesser side-effects.”
THEREFORE, Cease and Desist Open Memorandum is also applicable to all Municipal Water Companies, thus an additional Defendants, who are promulgating corrupted “laundered” science.

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