Aviation exposures are intricate and principally covered by dedicated aviation markets. RT Specialty Aviation is a retailer’s exclusive strategic backroom partner, adept at navigating the complex and changing exposures of aviation insurance. RT’s knowledgeable professionals cover the entire gamut of aviation risks with access to all aviation markets. We provide our strategic retail partners with unrivaled insights to meet their challenges, assisting them through the entire process from production and design, to marketing, placement, and claims for all aviation exposures.

Targeted Coverage
  • Aircraft Commercial Charter
  • Aircraft Commercial Instruction
  • Aircraft Commercial Miscellaneous
  • Aircraft Helicopter
  • Aircraft Industrial Aid
  • Aircraft Liability
  • Aircraft Non-Owned
  • Aircraft Pleasure and Business
  • Airport Liability
  • Airport Property
  • Aviation Products & Completed Operations Liability
  • Manufacturer’s Products and Grounding Liability
  • Aviation Agricultural Liability
  • Aviation General Liability
  • Aviation Miscellaneous
  • Aviation Pollution Liability
  • Aviation Vendor Single Interest
  • Aviation Worker’s Compensation
  • Hangarkeeper’s Legal Liability
  • Heliport Liability
  • Space Liability
  • UAV (Drones) Liability and Hull
  • UAV (Drones) Manufacturer’s Products and Grounding Liability
  • UAV (Drones) Non-Owned Liability
Targeted Classes
  • Corporate Owned Aircraft
  • Charter Aircraft Services
  • Personal and Light Sport Aircraft
  • Warbirds, Antiques and Homebuilt Aircraft
  • Flight Training Services
  • Airports and FBOs (Fixed Base Operators)
  • Aircraft and Avionics Maintenance
  • Hangars and Airport Offices
  • Airport Fuel Tanks/Fuel Trucks
  • Aviation Service Vehicles
  • Air Ambulance Operations
  • Law Enforcement, Aviation
  • Aviation Manufacturers
  • Aviation General Liability
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Drones
  • Borrowers and Renters
  • Non-Owned, Aviation
  • Commercial Non-Owned, Aviation
  • Airshows and Aviation Events
  • Aerobatic Competitions
  • Aerial Photography
  • Airborne Banner Towing
  • Glider Operations

This listing is not intended to be an all-encompassing record of capabilities, products or services, but merely a guide for representational purposes only.

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