Real Estate

Depth of Experience
The RT Specialty Real Estate Practice has a broad depth of knowledge in real estate, construction, development and related coverage. RT Real Estate team members have significant experience in both the carrier and brokerage worlds – underwriting, claims and retail broking. They understand the needs of special occupancy accounts including low income, student and senior housing.

Nationwide Network
Our centralized business model is unique in the industry and provides additional market clout. RT Real Estate negotiates programs with specialized underwriters countrywide. We are the broker of choice for a number of the largest REITs in the country and are the one of the largest wholesalers with many real estate specific carriers. As a result, we have a competitive advantage when negotiating terms, conditions and pricing. We seek to leverage this competitive advantage to offer access to consistent and superior results for our clients.

Cutting Edge Program
Understanding the unique nature and needs of both multi-family and commercial real estate owners / managers enables us to develop proprietary terms and conditions designed to close potential gaps in coverage. Specialized analysis and tailored program administration are intended to provide access to top-notch solutions for clients and their retail brokers.

Benefits include:

  • Broad Form Named Insured language for single-purpose entity risks
  • Real Estate specific pollution coverage
  • Quarterly reporting and adjustment of schedule changes
  • Loss stratification and retention analysis to facilitate access to the most favorable structure and potential agg stop
  • Quote analyses available with forms for client review and informed decision-making
  • Aggressive client coverage advocacy with carriers available

Claims Services

RT Specialty employs a team of claim handling professionals to assist our clients on all claim issues. This is a unique approach and one that has proven to be a valuable asset to our retail brokers and their clients.

Benefits include:

  • Liaison for retail brokers and clients
  • TPA selection
  • Claims Reviews
  • Assistance with claim disputes
  • Resource for case law and coverage interpretations
  • In addition to primary general liability coverages, we offer:
  • Excess towers
  • Project-specific and wrap programs for construction development operations
  • Environmental coverages
  • Hired and non-owned auto
  • Tenant Default

This listing is not intended to be an all-encompassing record of capabilities, products or services, but merely a guide for representational purposes only.

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