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RT Environmental & Construction Professional (RT ECP) solves construction-related professional liability and environmental liability challenges offering superior customized solutions.



Welcome to the RT ECP Resource Center, where you will find information and tools that are provided to support your sales and marketing efforts and to assist in educating your clients about their risks. RT ECP gives you expertise, guidance, and support to help you find efficient, effective, and economical solutions for your clients.

We invite you to explore our Resource Center, and we hope you will regularly access all the information, resources, and tools that we offer to enhance your sales process and to help increase your success ratio.

  • Market Update
    The RT ECP Market Update is developed annually to help the insurance industry at-large overcome environmental and construction related professional liability challenges with best-in-class, strategic risk management solutions.
2024 Market Update


  • RT ECP News Center
    Welcome to RT’s Environmental and Construction Professional (RT ECP) News Center, a forum for all things associated to the environmental and construction-related insurance marketplace including success stories, claims examples, and news from RT ECP, the carriers and the industry. We welcome comments and suggestions.
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  • Proposals
    RT ECP’s deliverable to retail brokers includes a comprehensive proposal that includes an Executive Summary, Marketing Results, a Coverage Matrix with detailed comparison of the carrier forms presented, Program Cost Summary and a Recommendations section. This demonstrates to Insureds that they are working with professionals who understand the exposures and seek the appropriate solutions.
Proposal Sample


  • Education / Training
    RT ECP provides education / training through structured seminar or general information, such as newsletters and the like, to assist clients with staying on top of environmental and construction related professional liability issues.

    • Exposure awareness
    • Industry Panels
    • Customer Forums
    • Sales Education
    • Environmental and construction professional courses
    • Continuing education credit courses
    • RT ECP “Quibinars”
      • To help our clients better understand some of the finer points of insurance coverage, whether it be Environmental insurance products, Construction Related Professional Liability products or related risk management techniques, RT ECP has created what we have been referring to as “quibinars”. These short answers to common questions are provided to offer the basics with the intent that if you need further details or a deeper answer, you would call one of your RT ECP Consultants.
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A risk profile is a structured management tool for identifying the various exposures associated with an operation. Typically, a risk profile will encompass a review of an organization’s operations with a focus on administrative strategies / protocol for reducing or managing particular risks. Environmental risk should not be exempt from this process. In fact, many organizations create stand-alone Environmental Risk Profiles (ERPs) to specifically address the area of environmental liability. This process adds to an organization’s ability to systematically identify environmental risk and effectively manage it.





RT ECP’s PREMIUM ESTIMATOR is a tool that is used to provide premium indications for Contractor’s Pollution Liability (CPL), Combined Contractor’s Pollution / Contractor’s Professional Liability, Project Contractor’s Pollution Liability and Pollution Legal Liability (PLL). This tool has proven to be valuable in the sales process for many of our broker partners. With your premium indication, you will also receive relevant Product and Environmental Risk Profiles as well as a link to the RT ECP News Center, which provides relevant claims examples.

Claims Management

Claims Management
Environmental and construction professional liability claims are on the rise, and when your insured / client faces such a claim, you need an experienced team to assist you through the complexities of these situations. RT ECP has the experience, background and capability to support your claims staff in the areas of environmental and construction-related professional liability claims. Services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Technical guidance experience
  • Coverage analysis / assessment
  • Claims advocacy
  • Claims analysis
  • Assistance with dispute resolution
  • Claims reporting policies, structures and procedures

To report any environmental or construction related professional liability claim, email northeastclaims@rtspecialty.com.

This listing is not intended to be an all-encompassing record of capabilities, products or services, but merely a guide for representational purposes only.

RT ECP Standard

The Standard is a quarterly newsletter published by RT ECP.
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The RT ECP team frequently publishes in-house articles, reposts relevant news reports and creates educational videos known as "quibinars". For more information or to subscribe, please click on the button below.



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