Environmental Liability

The environmental insurance marketplace offers over 150 different products – and this is good news. While it may appear hard to find the right product at the right price, RT ECP’s goal is to make it easy for you.

Contractors Pollution Liability
  • Coverage for pollution arising from any type of contracting activity
  • Available to any contractor
  • Blanket policy or project-specific policy
  • Mold liability available for all risks
  • Contractor’s Professional Liability can be added if coverage for direct and vicarious professional liability for a construction firm’s services is needed / required
  • Coverage for environmental companies performing environmental or remedial contracting or traditional contractors, such as general contractors or artisan contractors performing typical construction
Product Profile


Pollution Legal Liability
  • Coverage for:
    • Third-party liability
    • First-party on-site cleanup for pollution of the covered location
    • Mold / legionella and other indoor contaminants
    • Pre-existing / legacy and new pollution conditions
    • Defense
  • Protects any entity that owns real estate or is purchasing or divesting property, owns or leases. Covered industries may include:
    • Agriculture
    • Warehousing
    • Manufacturing
    • Construction
    • Transportation
    • Education
    • Financial Institutions
    • Brownfields
    • Energy
    • Healthcare
    • Mining
    • Hotel / Casino
    • Property Development
    • Biotechnology
    • Condominiums
    • Fuel Distribution
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Sports / Entertainment
    • Commercial
  • Used to facilitate transactions for brownfields and other contaminated properties
Product Profile
Infrastructure Pollution Policy (IPP)
  • An exclusive, competitive solution designed to protect all stakeholders from the catastrophic environmental risk pertaining to hard infrastructure projects (roads / bridges / airports / rail / ports) including Public-Private Partnerships
  • Provides full sudden / accidental and gradual pollution coverage, third party bodily injury, property damage (including natural resource damages), emergency response costs and defense
  • Offers limits up to $25M each incident / $25M aggregate (higher limits available if required) and policy terms up to 13 years including completed operations
Product Profile
Lender Liability
  • Provides collateral value protection from loan defaults resulting from pollution events or conditions
  • Named Insured can be a financial institution, commercial bank, or other lenders
  • Coverage structured to pay either the outstanding loan balance or the cost to remediate the contamination, whichever is less
  • Coverage customized based on the specific mortgage agreement and each loan is covered for the term to maturity
Product Profile
Remediation Cost Cap
  • Cleanup costs coverage for known and unknown pollution conditions at a covered location
  • Cleanup costs for unknown conditions subject to alternate retention, co-payment and sub-limit
  • Form designed around project owner or contractor as Named Insured
  • Limits available up to 100% of expected cleanup costs
  • Self-insured retention dependent upon scope of work and cost estimate
Closure / Post Closure
  • Financial assurance mechanism to meet the needs for the closure / post-closure costs of a regulated facility
  • Coverage applies to Hazardous Wastewater Treatment Storage and Disposal Facilities, landfills, or other waste treatment facilities required to satisfy State or Federal Financial Assurance requirements
  • Coverage highlights include:
    • Pay on behalf provision. Company can deal directly with the regulatory agency
    • Payments directly to the regulatory agency for full or partial closure / post-closure costs
Storage Tank Liability
  • Coverage available for both underground and aboveground storage tanks
  • Applies to single tanks to storage tank portfolios
  • Policy / certificate satisfies financial responsibility requirements (where applicable)
  • Dedicated defense limit

This listing is not intended to be an all-encompassing record of capabilities, products or services, but merely a guide for representational purposes only.

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