Contractor’s Pollution and Professional Success Stories

Source: SiriusPoint Environmental Team In-Box, April 13, 2021

The insured, a civil contractor, carried pollution liability coverage with another environmental insurance carrier. The contractor won a short term utility project that required the insured to carry $5M in professional liability limits. The contractor’s existing carrier was unwilling to provide the required professional liability limits. The insured’s broker requested a quote from SiriusPoint. SiriusPoint underwrote the insured’s entire operations, services and exposures and provided a comprehensive quote at competitive pricing. The insured cancelled their pollution only policy with the other carrier and bound comprehensive pollution and professional coverage with SiriusPoint that covered all of the insured’s operations.

The insured contractor won a project with a public municipality that required the insured to carry $5M in professional liability coverage. The project included demolition and subsurface construction of water systems for
drinking supply and wastewater. The insured had not carried this professional liability coverage previously. SiriusPoint underwrote the insured’s operations, services and exposures. SiriusPoint creatively won the business by offering a more affordable $1M pollution and professional liability policy for all of the insured’s operations and a project specific $4M professional liability endorsement to satisfy the contractual requirements for the municipality project. The successful placement of this risk allowed the project to move forward and be completed in a timely fashion.

The insured, a street and road contractor, had two (2) separate pollution liability policies for many years. The insured had historically purchased one (1) policy that covered the insured’s owned location, a quarry, and another
policy that covered the insured’s projects for third parties. SiriusPoint won the insured’s business by quoting one (1) policy that covered all of these exposures. The SiriusPoint policy provided significantly enhanced coverage, increased the aggregate limit to account for the previously separate limit structure, and reduced the insured’s overall insurance costs.

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