New Day Seeks Coverage Enhancements for Owner's Representative

New Day Underwriting Managers was asked by our retail broker to review the current policy for an insured that acted as an owner’s representative for their clients to ensure that their construction projects were completed on schedule and within budget. The insured worked with many higher profile clients and projects. The current insurance program included an initial professional liability policy with $2,000,000 limits of liability and a $3,000,000 excess policy for a total of $5,000,000 in limits of liability. New Day’s review of the policy revealed several significant coverage deficiencies including a mold exclusion, pollution exclusion and a narrow definition of professional services.
New Day sought and obtained alternative coverage with the full $5,000,000 limits of liability for about the same premium as the expiring policy despite an increase in revenue. In addition, New Day obtained the following coverage enhancements:

  1. Contractor’s pollution liability coverage including non-owned disposal site coverage and transportation coverage;
  2. A significantly broader definition of professional services that included technology services and BIM;
  3. An endorsement that made the policy excess of any project-specific policy; and
  4. Bodily injury definition expanded to include medical monitoring.

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