New Day Successfully Places GL/Pollution/Professional Policy

A new broker partner had previously placed coverage with an established environmental carrier for GL/Pollution/Professional and Excess on an environmental contractor. The carrier was non-renewing due to the class of business.
Our partner broker asked if New Day could market the renewal on their behalf even though there was only two weeks before the expiration date. New Day took on the challenge and made several calls to underwriters that had previously demonstrated an appetite for this class of business, coverage and limits. Within two days, the choice of carriers was narrowed down and, after discussing with the partner broker, one carrier was selected.
The proper underwriting information was requested and then forwarded to the underwriter, who delivered as promised and on time.
New Day offered the following advantages to its partner broker
– A willingness to work on behalf of our partner
– Our knowledge of the market, appetites, capabilities, etc.
– Our relationship with the markets to obtain quick assessments of the risk, responses, indications, etc.
– The partnering efforts of New Day and our partner. We discussed options and determined the most efficient and effective course of action.
– Our ability to provide the underwriter exactly what was needed so that a quote could be generated that addressed the insured’s needs, all in a timely fashion.
The result was a successful placement – the right coverage, with the right carrier, at the right price and on time. New Day’s partner broker was happy and appreciated the value that New Day brought to the process.

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