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July 22, 2010

Petrochemical Company Pays Over $10 million on Pollution Control

A large petrochemical manufacturer in Texas and Louisiana will spend over $10 million to implement pollution control initiatives resulting from air, water and hazardous waste violations. The company will also pay a civil penalty of $2.8 million to resolve violations of the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. The […]

July 22, 2010

Wastewater Treatment Superintendent Faces Jail Time

A U.S. District Court in Indiana sentenced the former superintendent of a wastewater treatment facility to one year in prison for falsifying discharge monitoring reports. The erroneous reports concealed violations of the Clean Water Act. The former plant head admitted to making as many as 55 separate falsifications in reports from September 2004 through May […]

July 22, 2010

Developers on the Hot Seat

Eight real estate development companies in Maine have been cited by the EPA for failing to adequately disclose the presence of lead paint in apartment buildings. The complaints allege that the developers did not alert tenants that lead paint was or may have been present where they knew young children were living. The defendants had […]

July 22, 2010

Insurers on the Hook for Contractor Mistakes

A federal judge in Massachusetts approved a settlement between two insurers and the family of a former college football coach who died of Lou Gehrig’s disease in 2004. The family claimed in a 2005 lawsuit that a contractor who resurfaced the floor of the field house, which contained the coach’s office, used chemicals alleged to […]

July 22, 2010

Owner's Protective Professional Indemnity Insurance Program – Success Story

Due to our expertise in construction-related professional liability, New Day was secured by one of our broker partners to assist in competing for a large, state-wide school construction program. Amongst the major national brokers, the client selected our broker partner and New Day to construct a $25,000,000 Owner’s Protective Professional Indemnity Insurance (OPPI) program encompassing […]

July 22, 2010

Contractor's Protective Professional Indemnity Insurance Program – Success Story

New Day was authorized by one of our broker partners to work with the incumbent carrier for Contractor’s Protective Professional Indemnity Insurance (CPPI) coverage for a $500,000,000 construction firm. Even though New Day was asked to provide insight and perspective on market alternatives on the account, the focus of the renewal process was to advance […]

July 22, 2010

Costly Courthouse Remodeling

A settlement in California was reached in a group of lawsuits filed by nearly 200 people claiming to have been injured by asbestos and other dangerous materials that were released into the air during a courthouse remodeling. The primary defendants were two construction management companies, who also faced criminal indictments as a result of asbestos […]

July 22, 2010

Plaintiffs Settle Gas Spill Suit

Some of over 1,000 Pennsylvania plaintiffs recently settled an 8-year old lawsuit after claiming that they became sick following a gasoline spill in Hazleton. The plaintiffs claimed that fuel leaks from a former service station entered the ground resulting in cancer and other diseases among the residents.

July 22, 2010

Mobile Home Park Contamination Claim Settled

A Virginia jury awarded a $9 million settlement to the owners of a mobile home park after they sued the county, claiming that the neighboring landfill polluted their drinking water and made their land and business unsellable. The suit was first filed in 2002 after testing revealed that chemicals from the landfill were leaking into […]

July 22, 2010

Chemical Company Paying Big for Pollution Claims

A Connecticut chemical company is facing a $155,000 fine as a result of claims that it violated the federal Clean Air Act. The EPA says that the company emits excess hazardous air pollutants from resins including formaldehyde and methanol. Respiratory symptoms and eye, nose and throat irritation are resulting in neighboring communities. The company will […]

July 22, 2010

Chemical Plant Facing $125.4 Million Fine

A Texas chemical company is facing fines of $125.4 million resulting from safety violations at their manufacturing and treatment plant. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is investigating the deaths of two employees at the plant since December 2008. The Texas Attorney General is seeking a court order requiring the company to cease operations […]

July 22, 2010

Landowner Suing Energy Company for Contamination

A Pennsylvania landowner is suing an energy company for polluting his soil and water, claiming that the company ruined his land with toxic chemicals used in or released there by hydraulic fracturing. Water tests on the property showed seven potentially carcinogenic chemicals above EPA screening levels.



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