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January 27, 2011

Danbury continues to clean up oil spill at school

Source: www.newstimes.com, March 24, 2010, Dirk Perrefort, Staff Writer Work crews this week are cleaning up an oil spill behind Broadview Middle School, an effort that could cost as much as $1 million. Antonio Iadarola, director of the city’s Public Works Department, said the cleanup cost would be difficult to estimate until crews begin excavating […]

January 27, 2011

IRONSHORE EDU – Site Pollution Incident Legal Liability Select (SPILLS)

Acknowledgement to Ironshore Environmental Ironshore EDU is a comprehensive environmental insurance policy that assists schools in managing their environmental exposures in an affordable manner, thereby helping to control not only environmental liabilities but also school finances. Exposures: Mold:  Costly remediation of mold growth; associated bodily injury claims. Contaminated drinking water:  Bodily injury claims related to […]

January 27, 2011

Contractors and Consultants at Risk from Increasing Number of New, Rigorous Environmental Laws That Can Lead to Costly Liabilities

Source: www.finanzen.net, January 24, 2011 Contractors and consultants are more vulnerable now than ever to environmental liabilities, from job site pollution incidents, to hidden dangers of site selection, which can cost hundreds of thousands in fines and legal fees. In addition, contractors and consultants face a growing array of environmental risks and liabilities due to […]

January 26, 2011

Verdicts & Settlements January 16, 2011: Car dealer loses suit against cheese factory

Publication Date 01/16/2011 Source: Missouri Lawyers Media Posted on: http://envfpn.advisen.com A jury awarded nothing to a company that claimed property damage from a nearby manufacturing plant. DairiConcepts LP produces cheese and dairy products in El Dorado Springs. Across the street on U.S. Highway 54 is Fugate Motors, a Ford and Chrysler dealership. Fugate Motors claimed […]

January 26, 2011

Fortuna lime cloud poses mild health concerns; official say seniors and children should limit exposure

Source: Thadeus Greenson/The Times-Standard, California Posted: 01/21/2011 A calcium oxide spill at Fortuna Middle School has environmental health officials asking young children and seniors in the area to limit their time outdoors. A Kernen Construction crew subcontractor was working on a modernization project at the school on Wednesday and was using calcium oxide, commonly known as […]

January 24, 2011

Ruling worries S.C. contractors: Responsibility for settlements shifts

Publication Date 01/21/2011 Source: Post & Courier (Charleston, SC) Posted on: http://fpn.advisen.com A recent ruling from South Carolina’s highest court has general contractors throughout the state worried that they could be liable for paying potentially huge financial damages that their insurers traditionally covered. Property owners who sue builders for faulty workmanship — such as sloppily […]

January 24, 2011

Why Bedbugs Won't Die

Publication Date 01/19/2011 Source: Dow Jones News Service (From THE WALL STREET JOURNAL) Posted on: http://envfpn.advisen.com The first comprehensive genetic study of bedbugs, the irritating pests that have enjoyed a world-wide resurgence in recent years, indicates they are quickly evolving to withstand the pesticides used to combat them. The new findings from entomologists at Ohio […]

January 19, 2011

MDOT: Next Zilwaukee Bridge project will have safeguards to protect taxpayers and motorists

Source: The Saginaw News, January 14, 2011 Posted on: http://www.mlive.com The Michigan Department of Transportation will require the next contractor that replaces large bearings on the massive Zilwaukee Bridge to demonstrate it can do the work or the company will lose the contract, a MDOT engineer said. The agency aims to avoid a repeat of the […]

January 18, 2011

New owner of hog farm promises better management

Publication Date 01/15/2011 Source: Sun Journal (New Bern, NC) Posted on: http://envfpn.advisen.com The Jones County hog farm that is the target of a potential lawsuit for alleged pollution of a nearby creek with hog waste has changed hands, and the new owner has also been threatened with the suit. Donald E. Taylor of Pink Hill […]

January 12, 2011

Judge orders monitoring in Kiddie Kollege case

Publication Date 01/11/2011 Source: Philadelphia Inquirer (PA) Posted on: http://envfpn.advisen.com Doctors will monitor the health of the children who inhaled mercury vapors in their Gloucester County day-care center, a judge ruled Tuesday. New Jersey Superior Court Judge James E. Rafferty ordered the state, county and Franklin Township, as well as the owners of Kiddie Kollege, […]

January 11, 2011

Chromium 6 found naturally, but levels in valley a concern

Publication Date 01/08/2011 Source: Modesto Bee (CA) Posted on: http://envfpn.advisen.com A likely cancerous drinking water contaminant featured in the movie “Erin Brockovich” showed up in relatively high levels in hundreds of tests throughout Stanislaus County and neighboring communities. Some public officials say the data may be unreliable and have little meaning until the government sets […]

January 7, 2011

County sues Simao company over the removal of fuel tanks

Publication Date 01/06/2011 Source: Watertown Daily Times (NY) Posted on: http://envfpn.advisen.com Jefferson County filed an expected lawsuit Wednesday against Onondaga Development LLC over the removal of underground fuel storage tanks at the former Griff’s convenience store. The county has been at odds for months with P.J. Simao, principal of Onondaga Development, over a 2007 agreement […]


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